Dr. Curtis Turchin and Woody Jennings

Dr. Curtis Turchin and Woody Jennings designed the Fast Asleep Pillow

"For a better night's sleep."

Dr. Turchin has been a successful doctor of chiropractic for 35 years and found that almost all of his patients complained about their pillow. He knew there was a better way to make a pillow. He designed a pillow to fit people who are small or large, sleep on their backs, sides, or even those who roll around (we call them rock n' rollers).

Then, he met Woody Jennings, a foam engineer for 40 years, who has designed beds, furniture, pillows, dog beds (a specialty) and other complex foam products. His years of experience in manufacturing, materials, and product design made the Fast Asleep Pillow possible.

Together they made the Fast Asleep Pillow the world's first modular, customizable pillow. It was designed to fit Every Body and promote deeper, more restful sleep.
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