Your Pillow is Usually:

  1. Too HIGH or too LOW;

  2. Too HARD or too SOFT;

  3. OK on your back but not on your side;

  4. OK on your side but not on your back;

  5. Unstable: You need to fluff it up during the night.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the pillow be washed?

DO NOT WASH IN THE WASHING MACHINE. Wash pillowcase in cool or warm in dry on medium and it should dry in 10-15 minutes. We do not recommend washing the foam. Best is to call us and buy a new foam insert. Washing foam, CAREFULLY wipe off with a damp rag. Or put in bathtub or basin with mild dish soap and then rinse with plain cool water. DO NOT WRING IT as the foam can tear. Instead, squeeze out as much water as possible by applying even pressure. Then, put in a clean dry place and let it dry out for 3-5 days or until completely dry. Putting a fan on it accelerates the drying.

I have allergies, is the pillow still safe?

Yes. The Fast Asleep Pillow is made with only Certipure foam, insuring that there are not toxins. In addition, we guarantee that there will be no off gassing.

Does it have PDBEs?

No, the pillow has no PDBEs. We make our pillows in California and PDBEs are banned in California.

Does the pillow need a case?

You can use the case that it comes in. But, we suggest using a king size pillow case in addition to our soft case. If you buy an XL and want a pillow case we can sell you one, Just let us know whatever you need!


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