Not getting enough sleep increases risk of diseases including obesity, diabetes, mental illnesses, depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, suicide, and Alzheimer’s disease!

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STICK TO A SLEEP SCHEDULE: Try to go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day. As evening progresses, lower the lights in your home so your body knows it is getting later.

  1. PLAN A RELAXING RITUAL BEFORE BED: Some people read, others meditate or do gentle movements like yoga, tai-chi, etc.
  2. EXERCISE DAILY: Vigorously or gently are both OK. Sleep is easier if you are physically fatigued.
  3. MAKE SURE YOUR ROOM IS COOL: Between 55 and 70 degrees.
  4. KEEP YOUR ROOM DARK: You may need to get new, heavier curtains.
  5. BUY A FAST ASLEEP PILLOW. For a Better Night's Sleep.
  6. YOU NEED QUIET TO SLEEP: If your room is noisy, consider a white noise machine, ear plugs, or sound blocking curtains.
  7. BUY A GREAT BED:. If it is too firm, it is easy to add a soft topper but it is hard to make any bed firmer.
  8. GET SOME SUN: Expose your eyes to bright light, preferably sunlight, during the day. 
  9. AVOID COMPUTERS OR PHONES BEFORE BED: Light tells your brain it is day time.
  10. BUY A FAST ASLEEP PILLOW. For a Better Night's Sleep.
  11. DRUGS MAY INTERFERE: Drugs, including alcohol, cigarettes, and even some sleeping pills, can actually interfere with sleep.
  12. AVOID CAFFEINE AND SUGAR: Drinking caffeinated drinks or consuming sugar later in the day can cause sleep problems.
  13. MEDICATION: If your doctor has prescribed medication, continue using it if it works for you.
  14. DON'T OVEREAT: Over-eating or eating spicy foods can make it hard to sleep. Some people prefer a light dinner.
  15. BUY A FAST ASLEEP PILLOW. For a Better Night's Sleep.
  16. PROTEIN AND FAT: Some people sleep better if they have a very small amount of protein and fat before bed.
  17. GET UP!: If you wake up in the middle of the night, after one hour, get up and go outside your bedroom where it is dark. Read a boring book (the dictionary or the tax code is pretty boring!) or do something else calming.
  18.  ONLY SLEEP OR SEX:. The primary reason to be in bed is to sleep or rest.
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