I would like to say a big thank you for your pillow.  It has improved my sleep quality. I sleep through the night unlike when I was using my old pillow and was waking up at least once. It feels like its been helping me a lot with my disc healing as my neck is better supported than before. I’m excited to continue using your pillow as it has become my favorite one to sleep on.

Eleni A.

I really enjoy the Fast Asleep Pillow! I seem to turn much less often and stay asleep longer. The first few nights I was using the white side and then I switched over to the firmer light green side with the softer, white insert for my head area. I like that the green side offers more support for my neck, and keeps my head level while I sleep. I even woke up in the exact position I feel asleep in, which has hardly ever happened!

Lindsay B.


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